The Website

This website Structural Calc (structuralcalc.com), as the name suggests, is dedicated to contributing helpful information related to structural calculations and structural engineering in general. One of the principal objectives of this website is to provide online engineering calculation tools that allow engineers to perform web-based calculations quickly at anytime using almost any device via compatible browser.

At the same time, Structural Calc would like to be a source of relevant structural engineering articles that are particularly geared towards engineering software and coding.

The Organizers

This website maintained by a Structural Engineer (pen-name CCStruct) dedicated in contributing to the structural engineering profession. He is helped by colleagues with a common affinity for structural engineering and computer programming. Collectively, they have practical experience in dealing with real-world structural engineering projects, preparing complex structural calculations, and writing computer codes that automate challenging tasks. These experiences precipitate into the articles and online calculators on this website.


The homepage image is a render of the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway. Image courtesy of CARLOS FERNANDEZ CASADO S.L, Bridge Specialists.

If you are interested to contribute for this website, please contact us here.